Fecht & Co. serves all of south Texas from Brownsville and South Padre Island to Corpus Christi and up to and including the Houston and Galveston area. We have a huge selection of Hurricane Shutters, offering a full range of Hurricane Shutters from Roll-up shutters, Accordion shutters to the stylish Bahama and Colonial shutters. We have Hurricane Panels that are made of Aluminum, clear Lexan and Steel Panels. We even sell several types of hurricane Screens for Patios and Garages that include Cat 5, Force 12 and Fabric Shield.

For full time around the clock Hurricane Protection we sell Hurricane Impact Windows, and Lexan MR 10. Everything we sell is Hurricane rated and custom fit to your windows and doors. We also sell custom windows, solar screens that are energy efficient. The Hurricane Shutters manufactured by FECHT & COMPANY provides storm protection, sun control and are aesthetically pleasing and offer you peace of mind. Contact us today to Request a Quote and installation details. We also provide quality service on all makes and models of hurricane shutters.

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Bahama shutters are stylish and provide protection in times of storms but also reduce energy costs by blocking direct sunlight into windows. Available in a wide variety of colors, these shutters can add effective accents to the exterior of your home.

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Fabric Shields are a highly effective alternative to steel or aluminum hurricane panels. These PVC coated woven fabric panels are tested to block wind, rain, and storm driven projectiles.

Fabric Shields are available in standard and custom size, lightweight, easy to handle and store, quick to put up and put away and translucent, allowing diffused light to enter to learn more about fabric shields

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Colonial shutters are a traditional style shutter. Hinged back when open, they provide a classy finish to ordinary windows. When closed, they provide protection from hurricane winds. Like all of our hurricane shutters, Colonials are made of aluminum for strength and durability.

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Force 12 Screens is a flexible high impact screen barrier system that is designed to resist wind pressures generated by hurricane force winds and withstand impacts from flying objects. The material that makes the Force 12 allows diffusion of wind velocities by up to 97%. A 100 mph wind against the Force 12 wind barrier system becomes a 3 mph breeze inside the webbing.

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The Rolling/Rollup shutter is also known as the ‘Ultimate’ shutter. It is controlled from inside the home for your convenience. Manual or electric operators provide an easy operation you can use every day for energy and light control.

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LEXAN coated sheet is a two sided, hard-coated polycarbonate material that offers excellent impact resistance, optical clarity and abrasion resistance. LEXAN coated sheet is ideal for many functional parts requiring exceptional toughness and surface hardness.
Safety considerations support polycarbonate over glass. Glass is a brittle material. LEXAN has proven to be a much better impact absorbent substance. LEXAN polycarbonate sheet offers the highest imact stregnth of any transparent glazing product – 250 times the impact strength of glass and 30 times that of acrylic.

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Storm Panel Shutters are an inexpensive but effective hurricane protection product. Tracks permanently mounted to your home provide the framework to mount the storm panels in place when the threat of a hurricane arises. During storage, the panels stack neatly together for a compact space saving design.

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